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New Orleans is dear to so many people. Honor someone important to you by donating a tree to Hike for KaTREEna in their name. You can make a donation in honor of a client, friend or family member or make a donation in memory of someone who has passed away.

When you make a donation of $25 or more, we’ll send you a gift card reflecting your donation.

You’ll receive one card for every $25 you donate. The “In Honor” cards are printed with the words “A donation has been made to Hike for KaTREEna in your honor so that another tree will grow in New Orleans.”

The “In Memory” cards are printed with “A donation has been made to Hike for KaTREEna in memory of …”. We will fill in the name on the card for you – you will have the opportunity to provide the name during the payment process.

Instructions for donating

  1. You can add recipient details on the final payment screen.Click the appropriate cart button below. Your shopping cart will open in a separate browser tab/window. There, you’ll be able to add more cards (make sure you click the Update link if you change the quantities.)
  2. Click the Continue Shopping button if you want to return to either this page or to the Donate Trees page to add other items to your cart.
  3. When you’re ready to checkout, click the View Your Cart button. You can checkout using a credit or debit card or using a PayPal account.
  4. Review your payment details. Please note that after you fill out your credit card details and click the Review and Continue button (or after signing in to your PayPal account), you will be given the chance to provide the gift recipient’s details on the following screen (the image on the right shows part of that screen). On that screen, click the Add button next to “Please provide the donee’s details” to let us know who your donation is for and any other details. For example, if you would like the gift cards mailed directly to the honoree(s) instead of to you, type the full name and address(es) in this box.
  5. Click Pay Now to finalize your donation.

If you miss the place to add the recipient’s details, don’t worry! Once you’ve completed your donation and returned from PayPal to the Hike for Katreena site, you’ll have the chance to send us a message with all the details.

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